Sunday, July 28, 2013

The Wedding of Cayla and John

Today I attended the wedding of an old friend, John. Him and his now wife are moving to the easy coast (where she is from originally, and where they met), so this was their west coast wedding. In a few years, after she graduates, they'll be having their full blown, legit wedding on the east coast, with all of her friends and family included. 

This felt like a pretty legit wedding though, I must say. There was a lovely white dress, vows, dancing. It was at a gorgeous mansion I wish I had taken a few pictures of, in Yorba Linda.

Roxana and I went together, thankfully, since we didn't know another person there, aside from the groom and his best man (and the bride, barely).

There ceremony was interestingly military, complete with dress uniforms and sabers. But it was also very casual and brief and sweet.

I was honored to have been invited, as it was a rather intimate gathering, and so glad we were both able to go, since we both are moving soon (me back to the valley on the 16th, while Roxana will be going straight from the Sacramento conference to San Fran).

The best part of the wedding? The look of complete adoration that crossed over the faces of both bride and groom every time they looked at each other. In the words of the best man, "When you know, you know. And I'm glad they knew."

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