Wednesday, July 24, 2013

New Scary Experiences

This post was written while at camp, on July 14th.

Today I did something new and scary. As I stated in my last post, I'm working at the sports and rec director at a camp for Deaf children this week. I was hired last minute (I had planned on volunteering). Today I had to get up in front of 112 Deaf kids (and two hearing ones) plus all their counselors,  most of whom are Deaf, and give the instructions to our game for the evening (that I had to pick out and plan myself).

I think it went well, overall. Unfortunately, my watch is broken, so I had to bug everyone else for timing. But the kids were laughing and smiling, which is a good sign (no pun intended).

My signing skills, both expressive and receptive, are already improving. My self confidence is going up too -- a  lot of people asking me if I'm Deaf or being surprised I've only been signing for four years has helped lessen the nerves (though not completely).

Tomorrow I'm helping with swim tests, which ALSO makes me nervous. Here's to hoping all the kids pass.

Now if I could just get used to the loudness of the lower bunk, I would be all set.

Have you done anything scary in the last few weeks? Share in the comments!

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