Sunday, April 27, 2008

Baby Bird

Yesterday my dad called me out to the back yard because there was an adorable baby bird hopping around in the back yard. We sat there for AGES looking at it, talking about it, wondering where it's parents were, thinking about giving it some seeds and water. Then it hopped under our fire pit and started talking to two big birds of the same kind, one of which had food in it's beak. And suddenly the dog gets up and trots over and I'm on my feet running after her, yelling at her, and then she's got the bird in her mouth and I couldn't do anything about it, I just burst into tears and my dog got the bird out of her mouth and was holding it and I was crying and crying. And my dad's all like, "No, the bird is alive, it's okay, it's alive," but it looked just completely dead in his hands. And finally his shoulders sagged and he set the bird down in the planter. And I could not stop crying. And there was another baby bird, so my dad put it on the other side of the fence so the damn dog wouldn't get it.

I coudn't stop thinking about it all night. It was horrific. It would have been depressing enough to see my dog kill this tiny baby bird, but after we had sat there for such a long time looking at it and talking about was too much.

This morning apparently my dad went out to where he had left it in the planter...and the bird was gone. And he said yesterday it's heart was still beating. And the parents were around this morning. So now I have hope that the poor little thing survived - a little beat up, a little scared maybe, but alive and well fed and near it's parents.

Please, don't burst my bubble and say something about a cat getting it (though I don't think that probably happened, because the only cat we have is 50/50 and he never comes that far onto our lawn and also my dad said there were no feathers sitting around or anything).

This cheered me up considerably.

And I think I'm going to be a cocker spaniel for our project. But I think I'll go try it out before I do my sketch.

Cross posting this to my LJ, because for some reason I'm using both. I'm just seeing if I like blogger or not. So far it has no benefits over Live Journal...


Wednesday, April 23, 2008

First Blog

I'm not sure why I got a new blog. I already have a livejournal, which should be just the same as this. But I've been looking at Hazel's for the last couple of days and felt the urge to get one all for myself. Goodness knows if I'll ever update it.

Well, let's post it up and see how it looks shall we?