Friday, July 12, 2013


Tomorrow (well, in about five hours, actually) I head off to a week long camp. It's a camp for Deaf, Hard-of-Hearing kids, and CODAs, and I've been hired as the sports director. I'm anxious (I didn't apply for the job and got it thrown on me at the last minute) but excited too. It should be a great experience, and the benefit of all the extra stress and responsibility of the job I got is that instead of just volunteering, I now get paid as well.

I'll be missing out on some stuff here -- a few demo performances, including one at the fair which is always fun. I'm a little bummed to be missing out on the fun. Plus, this is the last week before three of the students at my studio test for their black belts, which means I won't get to help out in the last few days before they test.

This is a month full of trade offs. I didn't bother to get Comic-Con, and as it turns out that's a very good thing, because I'll be at this camp. I have to skip a DZ thing while I'm gone this weekend as well, and on the 27th I'm missing both a DZ workshop and the studio beach party -- I had to give those up in order to run a 5k in the morning (the second in a series that I'm doing) and attend a friend's wedding in the afternoon. Good trade offs, and I'm happy with my choices, but it's frustrating to think that the next day I'll have literally nothing at all to do.

Should be heading off to bed, but I'm watching Doctor Who and eating chips instead. But hey, I can sleep in the car, right?

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