Friday, July 5, 2013

All the Items in My Purse

My goal for this month is to write every day, either a blog post or fifteen minutes of fiction. I opened up my blog today and didn't have any bright ideas, so I did what I always do when I'm stuck and googled the answer to my problem.

I found lots of blog post ideas, and I'm going with this one for today: a list of all the items in my purse.

At the moment, I'm carrying around a large zippered Delta Zeta tote bag. It's rather large, for a purse, so a lot of stuff fits inside of it. Bear with me.

1. Two Burt's Bees chapsticks (both almost gone, need to get a new one). The pomegranate kind.
2. One of my sets of CSUN Be Greek red and black plastic sunglasses.
3. My planner, which has a pencil attached, plus a piece of paper tucked into it on which I am keeping track of my knitting. Speaking of knitting...
4. My neverending Tom Baker Doctor Who scarf (which is attached to a green ball of yarn).
5. Three mores balls of yarn (purple, yellow, and blue).
6. My wallet (which itself is stuffed to the brim with various items).
7. Two packages of tissues.
8. A small plastic hairbrush.
9. A ten dollar bill, which is now getting put into my wallet.
10. Earbuds.
11. My iPod touch.
12. Feminine hygiene products.
13.  My house and studio keys.
14. My Delta Zeta badge.
15. Another pencil.
16. A schedule of classes/list of prices from my martial arts studio.
17. A CHN Expo schedule.

Plus, the items that have been in my purse within the last 12 hours, but got taken out for bed last night:
1. My glasses and case.
2. My phone.
3. One of the books I'm rereading at the moment (Cold Fire, by Tamora Pierce).

So there you have it. Possibly the most boring blog post of all time. I hope you enjoyed this glimpse into my life -- and I also hope you aren't judging me too hard for the amount of stuff I keep shoved into my purse.

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